Admin.jpgiLead Instructional Technology Institute [4 Days]

The iLead Instructional Technology Institute provides a forum for informing and supporting instructional leaders as they grapple with challenges, explore available resources, develop skills, define best practices, and ultimately develop a vision for harnessing 21st century technology tools to inform their own practice and improve teaching and learning in their building. During the four-day Institute participants receive an instructional toolkit (this includes a laptop complete with instructional tools) and an introduction to the following iLead Instructional Technology Leadership Program strands: Day 1) Harness The Power Of Your Laptop As An Instructional Leadership Tool - Provides principals with the skill and ability to use their mobile computing devices as an organizational, productivity and communication tool. Day 2) Develop 21st Century Instructional Technology Skills To Enhance Leading & Learning - Provides principals with the ability to use 21st Century tools that will enhance leading and learning in their schools. Day 3) Instructional Technology Leadership In A 21st Century School - Intel Leadership Program Day 4) Making Your Data Come Alive: Using Excel to Analyze, Process, and Present Your School's Performance Data
ISTE / National Educators Technology Standards for Administrators
Institute Location
HRTC, 425 W. 123rd Street, 6th Floor, NY 10027
8:30am- 3:00pm
12/9, 12/18, 1/6, 1/16
Class is filled
Overview / Agendas / Resources
Day 1 - Out of the Box Training
Day 2 - Leading and Learning with 21st Century Tools / Web 2.0

Day 3 - Intel Leadership Training
Day 4 - Making Your School Data Come Alive

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