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iLead: Out of the Box Training / Day 1




Out Of The Box Training
Intro to Tablet Use and Basic OneNote 2007 which will provide leaders with the skill and ability to use their device as an organizational, productivity and communication tool.
Practical Application:
Principals will learn to effectively use their device as an organizational, productivity and communication tool during their day to day activities. * Principals will receive an overview of the device and learn its functionalities.
  • Principals will learn the basic tablet features.
  • Principals will learn to use OneNote 2007 to create and use personalized notebooks and sections that are customized to their school building.
  • Principals will review the pre-loaded resources such as Chancellor's Regulations, Labor FAQs, Check Lists, Observation Templates and much more.
* Welcome & Introductions
  • Collection of questions & benefits of tablet use
  • Review of all tablet hardware features
  • Inside the Box
  • Tablet Tour
  • Symantec Antivirus
  • Getting online anywhere..wireless configurations
  • Side Note
  • Windows Journal
  • Introduction to Microsoft OneNote
  • Customize your notebook
  • Overview of administrative and instructional resources
  • Online support / resources
  • Evaluation
Getting Stared with XP Tablet

Dell Tablet

OneNote Resources
Erik SIler, Tablet Depot Manager: esiler@schools.nyc.gov